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Assassin's Creed III Game PC Download (Ubisoft Publishers)

Assassin's Creed III a fascinating game introduced by Ubisoft publisher following its previous game parts hereby gives the best action and adventure to its users. The game has been published worldwide in 2012 and is really been seeking the attention of the gamers for a long period of time. The game comprises of best graphical display which makes it more reliable for the players.


                      The story revolves around a person merely an assassin who is half Mohawk and half American known as Connor. The main story is plotted in 21st century after the protagonist Desmond Miles finds its way towards its ancestors of 18th century by the use of machine known as Animus just to stop the 2012 catastrophe. Now the game continues during American revolution and the story is based on a Assassin who is fighting with free will against the Templars who have attacked his Native American village.

The player can hunt animals,climb trees and is free to run through the cities. Settings for close combat have been modified. The controls are more reliable in every aspect of game.



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